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CogMetal Marketing

CogMetal Marketing is where you expand your business into new local and global markets quickly and easily!

  • Advertise your catalogue online
  • create promotions
  • bid on RFQs
  • and have an online presence

so you can become better known and easy to find.

CogMetal does not charge any fees until you believe you can make money.

You can sign up, use of the catalogue, view and issue RFQs, browse and receive special offers - All FREE.

Pay only to send out targeted promotions and bid on RFQs.

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Why use CogMetal Marketing?

  • To expand your market presence locally & globally
  • To generate leads and make more sales
  • To easily share and advertise your expertise
  • To assess YOUR competitiveness in the global and local market
  • To easily publish your catalogue online
  • To locate business partners and open new business opportunities
  • To ensure you receive (only relevant) new RFQs

Among our clients:

Widia, Hashahal, Scope, Morse, Iscar, Toolgal, Ham-let, Strauss