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CogMetal Purchasing

CogMetal Purchasing is an essential tool for Purchasing Managers!

  • Post RFQs to increase your purchasing power
  • get better rates

and become a global player quickly and easily!

  • Locate new suppliers
  • search through online catalogues

and find exactly what you need at the right price!

Get offers from relevant suppliers and start saving money today!

CogMetal does not charge any fees until you believe you can make money.

You can sign up, use of the catalogue, view and issue RFQs, browse and receive special offers - All FREE.

Pay only to send out targeted promotions and bid on RFQs.

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Why use CogMetal Purchasing?

  • Expand your supplier base locally & globally
  • Find specialized suppliers from around the world
  • Stay informed about special deals and promotions
  • Post and mange RFQs
  • Compare product rates locally and globally
  • Easily search online catalogs
  • Locate business partners and establish new business opportunities

Among our clients:

Widia, Hashahal, Scope, Morse, Iscar, Toolgal, Ham-let, Strauss