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How do I sign up my company?

Very simple. When you sign up, click 'new company' option, and enter your company details.

Can I sign up more than one person in my company?

Yes. Once your company is signed up to CogMetal, click 'existing company', then choose the position of the person you want to add to your company profile. The person who signed up the company will need to verify the employee.

There are 4 positions, what does each one mean?

Each available position represents different levels of authorization within the site. Managers can change company details and categories, and have access to all features (I.e: A marketing manager can issue a RFQ to locate new suppliers and receive the best market prices). Basic positions have access to basic features such as: Bidding and issuing on RFQs.

I have signed up, have I finished the process?

Not yet. You have finished the initial sign up, now you need to fill in your company profile and categories. You may sign up a manager to do this part.

Upon entering the Marketing section, you will be asked to complete your company details and categories with a link to the correct page.

I finished signing up, what now?

After you complete the sign up process, CogMetal will notify you when there are RFQs in your RFQ's box.

I want to post a RFQ, how do I do it?

Go to the Purchasing section, and click the 'Issue a new RFQ' tab (on the left hand menu).

How does CogMetal know who the RFQ should be distributed to?

In the RFQ issuing section there is an abilities table. The RFQ issuer must complete at least one item of relevance: size, material, ability, service etc. (There are also general items such as certifications). CogMetal will send the RFQ to companies whose profile details match the issuer's requirements.

I received a RFQ in my RFQ box, how do I bid on it?

When you receive a RFQ in the RFQs box, only limited information will be available. To get further information and see drawings, click the 'more' button. You will now see more information about the RFQ as well as the attached files. To place a bid, click the 'Submit your bid' button and complete your bid information.

Is the site secure?

The site is located in a secure server and was designed with safety as a priority. In addition, we have created a business partner feature so that you can choose select groups to view your RFQs. Of course, it is always important to make sure your password is kept in a secure place.

What is a business partner?

Business partners are companies that you have added to your 'Business Partner' list. Note that the list is one sided, adding a company to your list doesn't mean you are on their 'Business Partner' list – it only impacts your account.

Select a list of companies that you trust and want to be the recipients of an exclusive RFQ. CogMetal's filters will still work, but only for companies that are on your company's 'Business Partner' list.

How do I add a new partner?

Business partners are companies that you added to your business partner list, the list is one sided, adding a company to your list don't impact the added company only your account.

In the Marketing or Purchasing section, on the left hand menu, you will find a 'My Business Partners' tab. Click 'add a business partner' in the middle of the screen. Then select from those companies you wish to add from the list.

I would like to publish relevant, interesting industry news (i.e. new products, new areas of activity, etc.) onto the site. Is this possible?

Yes! We welcome newsworthy industry information, and see CogMetal as a professional industry hub. Keep in mind the news piece should be focused on the industry, and not related to your company.

Just send us the publication and if it meets the criteria, we will publish it on the site for you.