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CogMetal RFQs

RFQ management is CogMetal's core activity.

Our unique and highly advanced RFQs platform
will help you to:

  • Increase revenues
  • Reduce costs

and expand your business globally!

Much thought and planning went into the CogMetal RFQs platform
so that you will be able to easily create RFQs
to bring forth the 'right' bids
that are specific enough

Post a RFQ to find new business partners and suppliers that answer your exact specifications.

Alternatively, bid on RFQs to win new business locally or reach farther than ever before by bidding on RFQs from every region of the world.

Main features:

  • Create detailed and precise RFQs
  • Specify request for certifications
  • Be notified of RFQs suited to your capabilities
  • See a complete list of open RFQs
  • Collect and manage bids from RFQs you have posted
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CogMetal does not charge any fees until you believe you can make money.

You can sign up, use of the catalogue, view and issue RFQs, browse and receive special offers - All FREE.

Pay only to send out targeted promotions and bid on RFQs.

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Among our clients:

Widia, Hashahal, Scope, Morse, Iscar, Toolgal, Ham-let, Strauss