How to Post a RFQ?

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Opening a new RFQ on CogMetal is FREE and easy!

Once you have signed into the system and completed your company profile you will find the 'Create New RFQ' button on the side menu, in the Purchasing Section of the platform.

The process of creating a new RFQ includes:

  • Basic information – name of RFQ, description etc.
  • Detailed information – complete a description of your needs
  • Upload drawings, specifications and other relevant files
  • Select specific certifications you require (optional)
  • Select specific needs & characteristics from a drop down list

Your RFQ will be posted on the CogMetal 'open RFQs list' or you may choose to send the RFQ ONLY to particular companies on your 'business partners' list.

Receiving Bids

You will receive bids directly into the 'your RFQs' section of the platform. You will also be notified by email that you have received bids.

You can see your list of bids by price, delivery date or payment terms and then click on each one for details.

Finally, award the RFQ at the click of a button, receive contact details and seal the deal.